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3022 New York 28
Old Forge, NY, 13420
United States


We are a family run business and we can't wait to share our fabulous candles with you.  We are not another melt and pour company.  We use our own special recipe to create candles that burn straight down and have an excellent scent throw!  

Refill your own Jar

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To place an order click on your favorite scent below and select your desired size. Candles make the perfect  Gift idea for Teachers, Co-Workers, Family Members & Friends! Candles can be used as a lotion! Soy Candles burn at a lower temperature! Simpli just dip your finger into the wax pool and rub on your hands. You will be amazed at the soft feel and best of all the scent!  

Our Candles are "Soy" Simpli the Best!

We also offer Soy Candle Favors! Our hand poured candles make a unique gift that will remind them of your special event or business that you own. Click on the Custom Label option to lean more

Refill your own Jar


Refill your own Jar

from 1.00

Please remember a couple of things when you send in items to be refilled!

We can fill just about anything that is heat resistant, tea cups, mason jars, glass jars, etc, but please don't send us Grandma's one-of-a-kind family heirloom.

1.  Do not send in lids or any extra items other than the candle containers. If you have an odd shaped jar that does not stand up without a holder, please send that in.

 2.  Send in clean jars. Peel off old label. Jar cleans up with soap & water. Use a spoon to pry up wick holder. After the tin wick holder is removed, jar can be placed in microwave to get the last little bit out. There will be a $1.00 per jar cleaning fee if we have the clean it!

We will price based on weight, $1.00/ounce.  You can approximate cost by measuring with fluid ounces. Simply fill the jar up with water, and measure the amount in a measuring cup. We will fill in the ounces when we measure for the refill.

Package up your jar and ship to: 

Simpli Nature, 3022 State Route 28. Old Forge, NY 13420, if sending via Post Office send to PO Box 343, Old Forge, NY 13420

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