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3022 New York 28
Old Forge, NY, 13420
United States


We are a family run business and we can't wait to share our fabulous candles with you.  We are not another melt and pour company.  We use our own special recipe to create candles that burn straight down and have an excellent scent throw!  



Simpli Nature offers our product line to Retailers to carry in their store.

Your Customers will love the elegant look of our candles to put  in their homes or give as a gift! 

Simpli Nature began with an idea to produce the best hand poured, clean burning candle on the market. Simpli Nature is a family owned and operated business . Our own secret candle recipe is unlike any  others on the market.

You can dip your finger into the wax pool and rub it in to your hands as a lotion! 

Wax can be used as a lotion

 Our Candles burn straight across and straight down. They contain no paraffin, chemical dyes or other additives.

Our packaging is simple and elegant, topped off with a pressed glass leaf charm .

 Soy burns cooler at 120º, and because we use skin-safe scents, our candles can be poured on your skin and used as a lotion, or just dip your finger in the wax pool and rub into your skin!

Why Soy?

*Clean burning-no paraffin black soot


*No Chemical Dyes

*Cleans up with soap & water

*Zinc-free wick

*Burns straight across & straight down

*Burns 50% longer than paraffin

*Burns at 120º (60º less than paraffin)

If you are interested in receiving Wholesale pricing and information please send an e-mail to us at or you may call us at 315-369-5582. 

Our Custom Name Drop is very popular for Resort & Tourist areas as well as Corporate Gifts, Wedding Favors, Baby Showers, and more!

 Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Check out the photos below!

Please note a valid tax id number must be given when placing wholesale orders