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3022 New York 28
Old Forge, NY, 13420
United States


We are a family run business and we can't wait to share our fabulous candles with you.  We are not another melt and pour company.  We use our own special recipe to create candles that burn straight down and have an excellent scent throw!  


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To place an order click on your favorite scent below and select your desired size. Candles make the perfect  Gift idea for Teachers, Co-Workers, Family Members & Friends! Candles can be used as a lotion! Soy Candles burn at a lower temperature! Simpli just dip your finger into the wax pool and rub on your hands. You will be amazed at the soft feel and best of all the scent!  

Our Candles are "Soy" Simpli the Best!

We also offer Soy Candle Favors! Our hand poured candles make a unique gift that will remind them of your special event or business that you own. Click on the Custom Label option to lean more

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Custom Label Candles
4 oz. Room Spray/Perfume
Pampered Paws Butter for Dogs or Cats
from 10.00
All Natural Lip Balm
Refill your own Jar
from 1.00
Sample Scents
amazing grace.gif
NEW-Amazing Grace
from 5.00
apple cinnamon.gif
Apple Cinnamon
from 5.00
balsam cedar.gif
Balsam Cedar
from 5.00
Balsam Fir
from 5.00
bamboo & green tea.gif
Bamboo & Green Tea
from 5.00
Blackberry Sage Tea
from 5.00
chai tea.gif
Chai Tea
from 5.00
chocolate chip cookie.jpg
Chocolate Chip Cookie
from 5.00
coconut lime verbena.gif
Coconut Lime Verbena
from 5.00
cucumber melon.gif
Cucumber Melon
from 5.00
fig & melon.gif
NEW-Fig & Melon
from 5.00
fresh cut grass.gif
Fresh Cut Grass
from 5.00
fresh linen.jpg
Fresh Linen
from 5.00
Grandma's Kitchen
from 5.00
grapefruit mint.gif
Grapefruit Mint
from 5.00
holiday cheer.gif
Holiday Cheer
from 5.00
home sweet home.gif
Home Sweet Home-Christmas Scent
from 5.00
Huckleberry - an Idaho original
from 5.00
island getaway.gif
Island Getaway
from 5.00
japanese cherry blossom.gif
NEW-Japanese Cherry Blossom
from 5.00
from 5.00
lavender sage.gif
Lavender Sage
from 5.00
from 5.00
lemon verbena.gif
NEW-Lemon Verbena
from 5.00
mesa breeze.gif
Mesa Breeze
from 5.00
from 5.00
pumpkin apple.gif
Pumpkin Apple- Fall Scent
from 5.00
pumpkin crunch cake.gif
Pumpkin Crunch Cake-Fall Scent
from 5.00
Rosemary Mint
from 5.00
sage and chamomile.gif
Sage & Chamomile
from 5.00
simpli baby.gif
NEW-Simpli Baby
from 5.00
simpli sexy.gif
Simpli Sexy
from 5.00
sweet pea.gif
Sweet Pea
from 5.00
spiced cranberry.gif
Spiced Cranberry
from 5.00
sugar & spice.gif
Sugar and Spice
from 5.00
tea leaf and jasmine.gif
NEW-Tea Leaf & Jasmine
from 5.00
tranquil retreat.gif
Tranquil Retreat
from 5.00
from 6.00
vanilla pear.gif
Vanilla Pear
from 5.00
from 5.00
cinnamon sugar donut.gif
Cinnamon Sugared Donut-Fall Scent
from 5.00
warm vanilla.gif
Warm Vanilla Sugar
from 5.00
pumpkin pie.gif
Pumpkin Pie-Fall Scent
from 5.00
spiced pumpkin.gif
Spiced Pumpkin-Fall Scent
from 5.00
spiced vanilla chai.gif
Spiced Vanilla Chai- Fall Scent
from 5.00
Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Day- Fall Scent
from 5.00
spiced apple.gif
Spiced Apple-Fall Scent
from 5.00
tis the season.gif
Tis the Season-Christmas Scent
from 5.00
woodland berry.gif
Woodland Berry-Christmas Scent
from 5.00
winter wonderland.gif
Winter Wonderland-Christmas Scent
from 5.00